Bioclear Composite Restorations

At Grottoes Family Dentistry, our dentists, Dr. Dylan Hall and Dr. Spenser Briggs, can see you for an appointment for Bioclear composite restorations in Grottoes, Virginia. This state-of-the art treatment can do wonders for the appearance of your teeth. If the aesthetics of your smile could use some help, contact our office at 540-249-4242 to schedule your appointment. Dental veneers can be a wonderful addition to the appearance of your smile. But at our office, we offer an alternative: Bioclear composite restorations. Unlike veneers, Bioclear composites cover the entire tooth and are placed by warming the composite material and using injection molding to cover one or more of your teeth. Also, placing the composite is a minimally invasive process and does not require removing any enamel, which is required with veneers. This placing can be done in one appointment at our office. Like veneers, this treatment can be used to improve the appearance of your tooth and fill in the “black triangles” left by gum recession. And since they cover your entire tooth, they can also be used to protect and strengthen a tooth, much like a dental crown. Your composite can last up to 10 years with the proper care, but if they are damaged, they can be easily repaired in just one visit with our dentists. In many cases, this course of treatment may be less expensive than veneers. If you would like to meet with us to see how this treatment could revitalize your smile, call our team to plan your visit.

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